About Veinart

Veinart is the first centre in kerala, exclusively dedicated to management of both venous and arterial diseases. This centre is equipped with state of the art facilities for detailed evaluation and most advanced laser treatment for varicose veins. At Veinart, we belive in philosophy "Teamwork for better patient care". Team of Vascular surgeons and specialists like Radiologist, Plastic surgeon, Rheumatologist, Dermatologist and Endocrinologist help patients find a total solution to their problems. Experienced nursing staffs, podiatrist, wound care nurses and other support staff help you get back to normal, sooner than you could imagine.

Within the aim of promoting day care solutions for vascular diseases, at the Veinart procedures like Endovenous Laser, sclerotherapy, AV fistula creation for patients with kidney disease, venous catheter insertions for dialysis and chemotherapy, diabetic foot surgeries etc are done in our day care operating room.

With the most advanced technologies, Veinart is able to provide advanced treatments for patients with the most complex arterial and venous disorders through minimally invasive endovascular techniques whenever possible. We also offer all spectrums of open vascular surgery when needed.

Apart from a team of Vascular Surgeon's ,Team of Doctor's at Veinart include Radiologist, Podiatric Surgeon, Rheumatologist, Dermatologist and Anaesthetist

In multidisciplinary clinics like Leg pain clinic, Vasculitic Ulcer clinic and Vein clinic etc, a combined Team of doctors looks in to patient problems and we strive to find out the best treatment plan for you.

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